Top Flavours You’ll Only Get from Exotic Candy

by Frances Keller
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You must have had the experience of tasting something so strange, so delicious and so new that you couldn’t believe it was real.

And when you’re a kid, this can be particularly exciting.

Here are a few of the most popular types of exotic candies that you may not find at your local supermarket:


If you’re a fan of butterscotch candies, then you’ll love their exotic counterparts. These include Turkish Delight, which is made with wheat flour, sugar syrup and honey; Turkish Delight Creams, which are similar to vanilla wafers; and Turkish Delight Balls, which have a texture somewhere between fudge and nougat. If you want to try something new, try eating one of these treats with some strong black coffee!

Spiced Orange Peel

The spiced orange peel is native to India and is used in many Indian dishes. This confection is made with whole pieces of orange peel that have been steeped in sugar syrup and then rolled in spices like cardamom and cinnamon. These candies have a spicy kick with a hint of citrus that makes them refreshingly different from other candies on this list.

Pepitas de Guaje (Brazilian Pecan Nuts)

These pecan nuts are native to Brazil and are slightly sweet with a nutty flavour. They’re usually sold in bulk in bags or cans so you can eat them straight out of the container or add them to a salad for extra crunch! Pepitas de Guaje are popular snacks among locals because they’re easy-to

Rice Crispy Treats

This American classic has been around since the 1950s, but was only ever available domestically until recently. Nowadays there are numerous knock-offs and imitations available on the market from all over the world, from England to Japan and everywhere in between.


Nougat is a sweet confection made from cooked sugar syrup and egg whites, often with nuts or fruit added for flavour and texture. It can be found all over Europe but nowhere else in the world except for Australia where it’s known as nougat lolly (or lollie).

Bubblegum with popping candy inside

There is a bubblegum with popping candy inside on sale right now! This sweet treat is bursting with flavour and fun – simply chew it like normal bubblegum until it bursts into little balls of popping candy! They’re great for kids but adults will love them too. It’s perfect for parties as well as stocking fillers this Christmas!

Pineapple Bubblegum

If you’re looking for something sweet and fruity, why not try pineapple bubblegum? This delicious stick of gum is bursting with fruity flavours that’ll leave your mouth watering for more! It’s a great alternative to traditional chewing gum if you’re trying to cut down on sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Mint Cream (Russia)

The mint cream in Russia has nothing to do with ice cream — it’s actually just mint leaves inside a hard candy shell! The result is an intensely sweet flavour that’s almost overpowering at first bite. But once you get used to it, mint cream becomes addictive — especially when combined with vodka!


The aim of exotic candy has always been to make you feel like a kid again. While the thought behind it might be commercial, the feeling of this type of candy gives a sense of jubilant bliss. And while these kinds of candies are not exactly portable, they can still be very fun to share and consider a great present for someone you know who just loves adventure.

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