How to Spot and Avoid Fake Sellers of FIFA Coins

by Frances Keller
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Acquiring free fut coins is important as it helps you to purchase new players. If you love to game on FIFA, knowing how to spot the right seller is essential.

In this article, you will learn easy ways on how to spot a fake Fifa Coins seller.

How you can Spot a Fake Fifa Coins Seller

These are some of the ways that you can find a fake FIFA coin generator when you meet them.

1. Too Many Ads

If several ads are appearing on a website, it could be a clear indication that you’re onto the wrong seller. If you aren’t careful, you may be tempted to click on one of the pops. These pop-ups may sometimes lead you to fill out a survey form that would require your login details. They can also ask you to purchase gift cards. Whenever you come across such, take your time and perform a short examination.

2. Eagerness of the customer Service to Help You

Customer service centers of these fake sellers aren’t left out. They are spotted on gaming forums, trying to render help. If there’s a lot of enthusiasm to help you from the other end, you may want to step back and think again. That’s because a ton of them are there to lure you to their website, and then take your FIFA account details in turn.

3. Overpromising

A fast and easy way to spot fake sellers is by the way they promise you offers. Most times, their social media pages try to pitch how you can buy game shortcuts to you. Other times, you may be promised a ton of special rewards. At the end of the day, you find out that it’s pure words and no actions.

How to Avoid Fake Sellers of FIFA Coins

The following are ways through which you can avoid these fake sellers:

1. Be Careful

Take out some time and learn all the security practices which may work for you on any of the FIFA gaming platforms. When you do this, scamming you of your money would be hard for these sellers.

2. Ensure that you’re heavy on funds.

You need to understand that a lot of things change the moment you have lots of money on you. This way, you will be able to purchase cards from the right sources. You can either have these funds in real cash or fut points. An example of the right source is Amazon.


Almost every industry or sector in the world has scammers who tend to prey on unsuspecting minds and rip them off their hard-earned money. The fake FIFA coin sellers are usually pulled out of their hiding place the moment they spot a newbie. This article teaches how you can detect them as well as stay safe from their plots. However, if you’ve ever fallen victim to the FIFA coins fake sellers, complaining to the right authorities would be the best option!

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