The area you can mine Runescape Gold

by Frances Keller
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If you have been playing RuneScape for a while now, then you know just how important gold is to the game. You might often get your gold from a friend in the game or have to buy it from someone who is selling it. While the gold you have might help keep playing, it will also cost you money to buy more. For this reason, players would like to know if there is anywhere within the game they can find gold.

The easiest way to get gold in RuneScape is to mine them. Many players do not know about this and might end up spending money on RuneScape Gold when in an actual sense, they can mine it. Knowing where to mine gold in the game will ensure you can play and get upgrades whenever you need them. Here are some of the places you can mine RuneScape Gold.

The various mining areas

Mining for gold in the game starts at level 40. Over the years, more mines have been added to the game to ensure that players can mine some gold for themselves as they play. The gold is not much, but it will go a long way in helping the players get more gold as they play on. Here are some of the areas that you can get gold in the game. One thing you need to remember when you want to mine gold is you need to have finished a quest before you are allowed access to the mines.

1. Dondakan’s mine

These mines are also known as the Arzinian mine and contain the highest number of gold rocks. 146 in total in the entire RuneScape. Before you can access the mine, you need to have completed the “Between a Rock” quest. You also need to have equipped a gold helmet. Once you are done mining, you can unequip the helmet or log out of the game.

2. Al- Kharid mine

Also known as Scorpion mine, this is another great place for you to get gold ores. It is located in low-risk areas and has better storage for your rocks. You also get other rocks like mithril and adamantine alongside gold which adds to its appeal. The only thing you need to be on the lookout for is the aggressive scorpions, especially if you are a level 28 and below player.

3. Crafting guild

The downside with this area is you will not get storage unless you are a member. If you are a nonmember, then this is the best place for you to get your gold. You will need a level 40 to enter the guild. Players can teleport to the guild if they have the skills necklace, or you can use a balloon that will drop you at the guild’s entrance.

Last thoughts

Playing RuneScape is a lot of fun, and you get to explore different aspects of the game. By getting the gold, you can upgrade some of your equipment and skillset. The mines listed above are not all of them. If you have any more questions about the mines, then it is best to talk to the players in the game as they offer great insight.

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