The Various Ways To Print Text Messages On PC

by Frances Keller
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It’s no secret: text messaging has evolved into one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication between people in modern times. Despite the obvious benefits of SMS messaging, it does have some glaring disadvantages too. First, text messages are inevitably confined to the devices they are sent to. This can prove an inconvenience when you need to share the message contents in court and for trials since you either have to forward the message to individual contacts or show other people the messages one at a time. In these instances, you may need to learn how to print text messages on PC. In this write-up, we shall focus on the various ways to print text messages on PC. 

1. Android users

As always, the open-source world of Android is choke-full of ways to achieve different things. SMS backup + enables Android users to print text messages without much hassle and is conveniently located in the Google Play Store. Using this app, you can easily and accurately backup all your MMS and SMS messages. However, the catch is that you must have IMAP enabled on your Gmail account. First, install SMS backup+ on the chosen Android device. Afterward, select “connect” and then proceed to enter your Gmail account details. Once this is done, printing your text messages on the PC is as simple as opening your Gmail account.

2. Android to Printer

First, to print text messages on PC, your laptop must be capable of connecting to the local Wi-Fi network. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network as well. At this point, you can screenshot the messages you want to print. Users will find this necessary because Android offers no inbuilt methods for printing from inside the texting apps. Next, go to the screenshots folder and select the screenshot containing your target messages. Tap on “share” and then select “print.” This generates several printing options, and you can select the name of the appropriate printer from the list. Edit the printer options, including the number of pages and number of copies. After confirming the correctness of the values, click print.

3. iPhone Users: Decipher TextMessage

For users running Apple’s iOS who wish to print various text messages for court or trials, the Decipher TextMessage app is a perfect solution for many needs. This is a software program that can be run on any Mac or Windows computer. The software can also store a separate and complete history of your various text messages, especially if you need to print text messages on PC. The first step is to simply backup your phone via iTunes and then save the messages in a uniquely named PDF file. Later, you can print text messages for court. Open Decipher TextMessage and choose your phone. Select the chat containing messages that you want to print. Choose the “Export” option. Now you can open the saved PDF from your computer and select print to print out the relevant text messages.


In legal circumstances, text messages and other such electronic data often carry the same weight as printed documents and can be legally used as evidence in court proceedings. Digital signatures in the printed text messages can be used to identify them and prove their authenticity. Android users can print directly to PC via Wi-Fi or use SMS Backup+. iPhone users can opt to print via Wi-Fi or use the Decipher TextMessage app.

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