How To Register and Delete A Huawei ID?

by Frances Keller
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Just got a new Huawei device? Before you get all excited and start using all of Huawei’s exclusive apps, services, and perks, you need to have a Huawei ID Account first. This is the first step to get you set-up and start enjoying what your device awaits you.

You may refer to the Owner’s Manual for your device for other instructions or go ahead and visit Huawei’s official website for more details and further instructions. Or better yet, keep reading this article, and let’s get you started with our easy guide.

How to Register Your Huawei ID?

Through Email

  • In your device, go to the Settings option button and choose your Country/ Region of origin. Just follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you fill out all the required information correctly. Note that it’s essential to choose your exact location or country since not all apps and services are the same in all countries. They’ve customized some of their services based on the country’s specific requirements.
  • If you opted to use your email address to register for a Huawei ID account, you need to wait for a confirmation mail in your chosen email address.
  • Once you received the email, click the link provided within three days upon receipt of the email to verify or confirm your account registration.
  • If you fail to verify your account within the three-day window time, you will need to repeat the registration and redo the whole verification process.
  • Also, take note that the accounts that were registered via are not the same as Huawei IDs. You will need to do it on your device.

Through Phone Number

  • Notice that a message prompt will appear on your screen that says, “Is this your Huawei ID?”. This message appears whenever your phone number associated with your Huawei ID has not been verified yet. To verify, click the Yes option button to confirm that your phone number is associated with your Huawei ID. You will be automatically verified as a Huawei member with a valid Huawei ID upon verification.
  • In case if you were prompted by this message, but it’s not your Huawei ID, click No, then Register for a new one instead. Chances are your carrier must have assigned your phone number from a former user before, and the number was already associated with an existing Huawei ID.
  • Never use someone else’s Huawei ID, first of all, it’s not yours, and second, this is going against Huawei’s User Agreement Policy. Huawei has the right to terminate your use if they find out you’re using an account that belongs to someone else. On top of that, you will be held liable for any negative outcome that resulted from such action.

How to delete Huawei ID?

If you opt to delete your Huawei ID for good, go to your Settings, then click the Huawei ID, then Account Center select Privacy Center and choose Delete Account. You need to be sure if you want to delete your account or not since it’s no longer possible to retrieve it once done. All your associated data will be deleted and can’t be retrieved. You will also lose the right to use any Huawei apps and services.

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