Things to Note About Huawei Developer Program

by Frances Keller
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The HMS Core 5.0, the most recently launched by Huawei, is a program that’s being implemented in several markets. The program entirely focuses on partnering with enterprises, individual developers, and educational institutions to use the Huawei infrastructure in developing apps and other technological tools.

The developers have access to a plethora of core kit services such as Scan kit, account kit, map kit, and wallet kit. All of them provide developers with all the HMS ecosystem capabilities and can then focus on app innovation.

The program offers developers access to essential resources for innovation as well as building apps. So, how informed are you about the Huawei developer program? Here are the things that you need to know;

For all developers

All the developers can easily join the program as it doesn’t restrict the app developer. It means that seasoned programmers, as well as novice programmers, are all welcome to participate.

Developers can fill their pockets

Another significant point to note about the developer program is that app developers can grow their business as they can earn for their innovation and creativity. All has been made possible by the HMS wallet that facilitates effortless payment as well as digital card management. The process for in-app purchases has been simplified, and the user can pay for apps easily.

Access to the global markets

Developers can also enjoy wide access to the global market as there are more than 600 million active users of Huawei mobile devices across the globe. Therefore, apps by local programmers can be availed to users across the globe, which provides the developers in with the opportunity to share the apps.

Digital advertising platform

One thing about Huawei Ads is that it’s an end-to-end advertising platform and supports real-time transactions. Developers have been presented with advertising system architecture with intelligent business conversion options on a self-service level. Therefore, developers that incorporate ads in the apps will get some revenue from the ads.

Huawei provides developer support

Other key aspects of the Huawei developer program are the API reference, sample code, and development guides assist. They are the support structures that ensure developers are provided with more than access to the HMS ecosystem, but also provide them with support resources providing guidance in their app development process.

DigiX Labs support

There’s support also from DigiX labs for developers. The support provided includes device testing, user experience, and experience of capability development. Developers can as well access the DigiX services remotely.

Developer platform easily accessible

Thanks to the account kit, developers have unified access to almost all devices’ distribution of apps. It’s an excellent feature for users as well as they can log in to new apps easily and quickly. Also, there are detailed tutorials and manuals to help you create your apps.

The app development platform also features a unique identity verification system for developers, meaning that it’s very secure. The platform has a four-layer mechanism for detection with developers having post-release app inspection as well as a user feedback mechanism.

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